Saturday, September 26, 2009

Storms Come Now and Then

Has anyone ever escaped storms of any kind?
From birth to what stage of life you are in
You're in fact going through the storms of life
And for as long as you live
Storms come now and then.

I happened to live in Manila for a time
What used to be a street became a river
We waded through the waist-deep water
Right inside the house we used to stay
Until we went up a "tree house" for safety.

Storms sometimes come in the form of crises
It crushes our hearts and pulverizes our being
Others become stronger while others give up
But we know it will soon go away
For God is always present-just waiting for your plea.

Storms come-now and then- if only to be reminded
That the world has been given for us to take care of
That the storms that come with living
Hone us and prepare us to a life without it
Storms come-now and then - then no more.


bon said...

yehey! hehehe...kusog japon ulan diri cdeo

Malaybalay Blogger said...

@bon We now have Mindanaoan, Bukidnon-0n-Line, Bon Aserios photography, Tennis Guru and Malaybalayan. Invite Kuya to make video aide website. heheComment on content not just about rain in cdo he

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