Thursday, January 28, 2016

Senior citizens help during elections in the United States

International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) is one venue for our young people to visit the United States of America. Some of them go around the country to observe campaigns and election time. A reliable source from the Program shared with me that the senior citizens and the elderly play active roles during the important events. This scenario is unlikely in other countries, including the Philippines.

What do you think is the rationale behind such a very significant role the senior citizens and elderly play during an equally essential activity like elections? The explanation sounds endearing :) The senior citizens and the elderly take their jobs seriously because they believe the succeeding generations must have the right leaders if their future has to be protected and facilitated. What an honor !

It looks like the Philippines will and cannot do this because ironically most of the senior citizens and the elderly are too caught up with their health conditions, election responsibilities  may just aggravate their situations. Just the same it is enlightening to note that to become a senior citizen is not the end of public service.



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