Sunday, October 25, 2009

Malaybalayan learns from Mindanao Bloggers

It is not passe to admit that indeed "Learning is a never ending experience." Malaybalayan agrees so last weekend, particularly October 24, Saturday, whole day, blogging was Malaybalayan's focus.
Thanks to Asterisk Events & Communication, Malaybalayan was given an id and the folder. M literally sat through all the topics and won a Smart laptop bag for being the oldest blogger!

Some learning insights inspired by the 3rd Mindanao Bloggers Summit speakers:
1) Malaybalayan may have more blogs; one for girl scouts for M is a girl scout-Vice-President for field in Bukidnon Council and chairperson of the Communications Com. and perhaps another for teachers - yes, M is a teacher for more than 30 years. . . Expect the announcements soon!

2) Malaybalayan now accepts that she cannot just blog away but has to link, link, link. . . so expect M to become more link-oriented. Anyone to volunteer?

3) There are 5 stages I can measure up to according to Janette Toral (wow! she will blow your mind and challenge you to be a better blogger: Stage one: Life sucks; Stage two: My life sucks; Stage three: I' m great; Stage 4: We're great and Stage 5: Life is great.

Certainly stage five is the best attitude we can adapt but with life, stages are the way to wisdom. So if you're in stage one, go through it and before long, you will graduate to stage 2 then 3 and gets stuck for who does not like to be great. Still, with constant tugging from your conscience you'll get over it and comes stage 4 and again stays there for the two of you, can organize a mutual admiration society. With God's Providence who can stop Him from making you His agent of change and make life great for all of God's humanity?

Thanks CDO Bloggers for the great day. Someday, Malaybalayan might make make it to the Philippine Blog Awards. Dream on Malaybalayan.


Janette Toral said...

Thank you for the kind note and glad you liked what I shared. Hope to chat with you in future blogging events.

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