Sunday, February 14, 2016

"It is hassle when a senior citizen asks for discount!" says the cashier.

Some of the senior citizens I know are in denial. In denial in the sense that they still engage in fun runs and Samba sessions every other day.These senior citizens are already in their 70's and while we can not help but disagree with their decisions it seems the activities really suit them well. 

In situations like this, what exactly is the right way to approach the situation at hand? I would say: to each his/her own. Gone are the days when only one approach is THE BEST. 

The next scenario is something that will drive your sanity away. We went to a mall and on our way home, we stopped by a food chain (specialty is dessert and sweets of various kinds). While waiting for our orders to be served, the cashier was still trying to settle how much our order costs. There were already three sets of so-called receipts she prepared but she kept making another one. On the third try, she asked for additional amount since according to her I, the senior citizen citizen is asking for discount so she did had to re-do the computation. On the fourth try, my daughter was forced to ask what exactly was the matter. The cashier replied: "It is hassle when a senior citizen asks for discount" so she could not yet come up with the final amount. What followed next was like "war of words" which ended with the cashier asking apology profusely. When the words were said, the dilemma still lingers on . . . Is it a hassle to give to the senior citizens what are due them? Imagine we found - later on - the discount was a measly fourteen pesos 14Php!!!

This is definitely an elderly blow for if I had my way I would like to blow the cashier away and let her eat 14Php worth of nothingness :D

To end with a better mood  - let us go back to the denial mode - and look at life's blues.Life is much better than all the discounts establishments can give to any senior citizen. Every senior citizen has already received the best discount only God can give: Life at its prime :D


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