Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Elderly Blogger and her Blues and Blows

Retirement is a nasty word. When we show our Senior citizen Identification Card it is also like a verdict: You are old!

So goes this Elderly Blues and Blows which tries to capture what it is to retire and remain regal and whole and Elderly Blues which refer to the inevitable depression when not overcome because body aches and pains are now persistently on the attack.

1. Be determined to make every day a blessing to behold. Only your faith takes you to whatever you plan for the day. "Seize the day" even at sixty plus.

2. Finalize your plans or begin planning. Gardening is one option or walking ten thousand steps however you can.

3. Do not think too much about your age but think a lot about the legacy you will leave behind. Never did I take seriously my Memorial Plan but now it is good I have one.
4. If you have children who are travelers, join them. I am lucky and grateful my children like me around so I travel for free. At least I contribute my being "perky" and jolly all the time so they will not think too much of me as a burden.

5. Lastly, we have to come to terms with mortality and although it weakens me once in a while that I might go anytime, I pray to my God to help me prepare. After all, we know each of us will go that way . . . whether we like it or not.

Retirement after all is not that nasty. It is just what life is . . . tired again? Then retire . . . or no longer charging? Recharge. Life is more than retirement. 

This Elderly Blogger has have her Blues and Blows because life is a continuous struggle to balance the blues and the blows. Be happy friend :D


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